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Communion & Liberation

Communion & Liberation

Communion and Liberation (CL), an ecclesial lay movement founded in Italy in 1954 by Msgr. Luigi Giussani, is currently present in 80 countries throughout the world and 100 cities in the United States. We have been meeting at Blessed Michael McGivney Parish at St. Mary's and St. Joseph's in New Haven for more than 30 years.


The name of the movement, Communion and Liberation, expresses the certainty that communion with Christ brings liberation of the human person. 


The essence of the CL charism is twofold: 1) the proclamation that God became Man and the affirmation that this man, Jesus of Nazareth, who died and rose again, is a present reality whose visible sign is communion - that is to say, the unity of a people led by the vicar of Christ - and 2) the awareness that it is only in Jesus Christ that the deepest needs of the human heart are fulfilled. CL’s mission is thus the education of its members toward Christian maturity and collaboration in the mission of the Church in all spheres of contemporary life.


    We are open to all adult Catholics. Besides the invitation to prayer and regular practice of the sacraments, Communion and Liberation invites everyone to a weekly catechetical gesture called “School of Community.” School of Community aims at being a true school which, through the reading and discussion of texts, shapes in its participants a clearer understanding of the nature of the Christian fact. The assigned texts come from the teachings of the Church or Msgr. Giussani’s writings.


    Weekly meetings are held in the St. Joseph Church Hall on Fridays at 7 PM. All are welcome!


    For more information, please contact Cristina Canetta at (203) 245-7307 or, or visit

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