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About Us

On July 1, 2023, the parishes of Saints Aedan and Brendan, Saint Anthony, Saint Martin de Porres, Saint Mary, Saint Michael, Our Lady of Guadalupe and Saint Stanislaus merged to form a new parish to be known as Blessed Michael McGivney Parish of New Haven, Connecticut, in accordance with canons 121 & 515 §2 of the Code of Canon Law. Though these Churches span different cultures, languages, and traditions, all are united in the Body of Christ and join together as one vibrant Catholic community.

In beginning this new chapter for the Catholic Church in New Haven, we respect the great history of prayer, faith, development, and change that has assisted in the formation of each of the churches that have been brought together into the new parish. As we look forward to a revitalized and vibrant Catholic experience in the city, then, we also continue to remember and value the esteemed past of these parish communities.

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